Whipped 07 Cream Cake (page 29) – Ceci’s heritage take

here is Ceci in Colombia making great use of the new heritage bundt pan for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Whipped Cream Cake (page 29).  it doesn’t stop to amaze me how great this cake turns when using heavy heavy high fat old fashioned whipping cream.

from Ceci:  “Aqui te mando mis últimos cakes…. el primero es otra vez  el whipped cream cake hecho en el hermoso molde que compré en Williams Sonoma y que creo Rose lo mencionó alguna vez en su blog. Y el segundo cake es uno de mis favoritos, white cake con mousseline de limón e italian meringue dorado con butane torch.  Saludos amigo, me iré a descansar… llevo 10 horas de pie.”

and her bonus cake:   white cake with lemon mousseline and decorated with italian meringue.  this is her version of a lemon meringue cake.  spectacular in my opinion!

10 thoughts on “Whipped 07 Cream Cake (page 29) – Ceci’s heritage take

  1. Phyllis says:

    O my gosh, Ceci’s Italian meringue cake is breath taking! White cake and lemon filling…so light and Springy. Yum!

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      P, agreed, so stunning that when i received this picture together with her whipped cream cake, I just wanted to write about it.

      Sent from my iPhone

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