Genoise 08 Rose (page 169) – the induction mixer

i’ve just got word of a funtastic new stand mixer with built in induction cooking plate.  did someone stole the idea from my pillow?

i can hardly wait to heat the eggs for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Genoise Rose (page 169), with this new take.  tell me what you think!

5 thoughts on “Genoise 08 Rose (page 169) – the induction mixer

  1. Julie says:

    Ooooo, I love that induction mixer! Perfect for ganache and egg foams.

    And that’s a really adorable video!

  2. Hector – help- I am baking the rose genoise and have had to use 17 egg yolks for 250 gms. I think there is something wrong. I measured twice and then with oz. and think the weight is right.
    While I am here, maybe you can help with the tile thin. I found quarry tiles and put on top and bottom. the same thing is happening as before with two different new oven thermometers. I have to move the oven indicator up to 365′ to get the inside oven therm to come up to 350. The tech said to rely on the oven. He said there was a difference between electric [oven] and mercury [thermometer]. I am not a happy camper. : (

    • The oven temp sensor is most likelly on the oven ceiling, therefore if oven says 350, center of oven will most likelly be lower temp. However, if you preheat the oven for 45 or 60 min, the temperatures (ceiling and center) should be closer.

      Now, listen up: put your oven thermometer on the top rack most near the oven sensor, this should yell you how off your oven meter is.

      Pls read Cake Bible’s explanation on oven temps. The best way is still by experience: r ur cakes baking too dark or too fast or too pale and too long?

      Trust me, there is no golden rule or device to monitor home oven temps! Pls go by experience and helpful hints and gadgets which I have shared with you all! Unless you get an omega oven thermometer which I do not own but it is mentioned on Cake Bible!

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