Yellow 03 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – the heat is on

there are many questions and finger pointing regarding which is the best oven to use.  in my opinion, ANY home oven works as long as you have an accurate measure of temperature.  borrow, steal, or purchase an inexpensive oven dial thermometer:

and your ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Yellow Butter Cupcakes (page 295) will bake flat even:

in addition, here is my all-time list of recommendations, i follow this all the time, as often as i need to teach baking at student’s homes or kitchens other than my own:

1- an inexpensive oven dial thermometer, tested for accuracy.  place it on the rack the cake is baking on.  place it on a rack above or below to check how much cooler or hotter the oven is on these areas.
2- for the actual cake baking, use only the middle or lower middle oven racks.  this is where the temperature is most even.
3- assorted unglazed quarry tiles.  line each oven rack (ideally, you should have a rack above and a rack below the rack where the cake is on) with a single layer of tiles.
4- preheat the oven for 60 minutes.

i promise, this concept of heated tiles sandwiching your cake during baking will give you the most even heat, even more even than a high-end even-heating oven.  this concept of heated tiles sandwiching your cake during baking also helps taming strong convection fans that may otherwise slant your cake tops or dry them out.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Just got a brand new Murphy Richards OTG last week which, of course will be dedicated solely to cake baking.

    Is there any other test of accuracy for an oven thermometer other than baking the All Occasion Downy Yellow Butter Cake (Cake Bible, Pg39 and Pg 448)….

    • S, yes, if it takes longer to bake then too cold oven, if it bakes too fast then too hot oven. So, disregard your oven numbers and adjust higher or lower till your cake bakes at the time indicated on the recipe.

      The oven dial thermometer I have, does tell me the actual temperature, so now I don’t need to rely on cake baking times.

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  2. Hector – I still get confused about all this. I have my pizza stone on the bottom of oven [obviously no coils]. I now realize that I need one on all racks. That I will place the cake pan directly on one. I had thought tiles only on top and bottom. I know I need oven thermometer and will finally get one to clear up this oven temp problem once and for all.
    I have a problem also about the fact that Rose says to place a rack for the cake in the lower third of the oven. I believe you are saying place it in center?
    I know you wrote several times about taking cake’s temperature instead of relying on wires and/or toothpicks. I cannot seem to find what temp you said for sponge cakes? Sorry to bother you with this, but I can’t seem to find it.
    Best, j

    • J, really, I would experiment and note what works for u. A stone on the upper and lower levels around the cake are fine, as well as stones on the rack the cake is baking on.

      Rose explains that the idea is to locate the cake on the middle of the oven as much as possible, so for the deeper pans such as bundts, that means the rack under the middle rack, if u look at the actual pan it will end up sitting on the middle.

      Baked temp for all cakes is between 195 and 205 oF. except custards and cheesecakes which is 160?

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  3. Hi Hector – Back to the oven temp. I finally got an oven thermomemter. An OXO. I preheated the oven, set for 350′. The thermometer in oven center stayed at 335′. Finally I got the thermometer to reach 350′ by raising the oven up to 365. I went next day exchanged for Taylor therm. came home and same thing happened. Baked the strawberry cake which had bubbles and a little dry, but not as bad as I would have thought. Today the man came and ‘calibrated’ the oven. He tok my pizza stone out, saying it was taking the heat. He said it was normal for different spots in the oven to be different heat and that correct temp in the back left. I want to bake a cheesecake and don’t know what on earth to believe. I have asked my Husband to get another stone, and know to preheat for 90″ but what is this thermometer not matching oven heat indicator stuff all about?

    • The oven usually has a termometer on the top and one side back in the oven, this is what the teach meant to say.

      I would read cake bible, rhc, and bread bible about ovens.

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  4. Sharon says:

    Hector, this may seem like such a novice question but I have to know this…all this while ‘ve been using a basic standard small round oven which has yielded me mostly good cakes..recently procured a Morphy Richards OTG which has different oven I need to put on the heating element on both the top and the bottom option or just the bottom? Am presuming bottom, but am I correct?

    Also the lower third would mean the one below the middle rack, is that correct? And that applies even for cupcakes?

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