Yellow 04 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – the batter

some quick tips for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Yellow Butter Cupcakes (page 295):

ONE:  measure eggs by volume or weight, preferably yolks and whites separately.  as most eggs nowadays come with very small egg yolks, if this is your case, for recipes calling for whole eggs, for each 4 eggs, add one extra yolk (or 5 yolks) and measure the rest in whites.

TWO:  butter temperature is important, should be 65-75 oF.  butter should feel cold to the touch, be gently pressable but hold its shape.  for unattended worries, place your butter in a wine cellar overnight.

THREE:  i like to do the initial mixing by hand, this prevents any splashes, but you need a steady wrist and perhaps biceps.

FOUR:  follow the recipe steps, the dry ingredients are first mix with all the butter and part of the sour cream.  coating the flour with butter prior adding the eggs guarantees a tender butter cake.

FIVE:  now the eggs and rest of liquid ingredients are added.  do notice the bottom of the bowl having specs of vanilla seeds, as i make my own vanilla essence blend by soaking split hawaiian vanilla beans in standard quality (but natural) vanilla extract.

SIX:  this is how the completed batter should look.

6 thoughts on “Yellow 04 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – the batter

  1. Sharon says:

    Hector, am making the yellow butter cupcakes tomorrow…was just browsing thru your cupcake notes ..did you leave them in the cupcake pan for abt 20 mins after you filled the batter as suggested by Rose in the book inorder to get them perfectly round tops?


  2. Sharon says:

    Hector, Pg 294: ”If you want cupcakes with rounded tops, it often helps to allow the batter to sit in the muffin liners for 20 minutes before baking”

    She is meaning flat tops, right?

    • i think she means round tops, not flat tops. and now that i recall, i did not rest my cupcakes prior baking and got flat tops. you may want to post this ? on the blog under errata section, and see if Rose can edit or assert this note. thx for bringing this up.

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