Yellow 05 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – filling the cupcake pans

happy Easter everyone!

use a large piping bag and weigh 50 grams per cupcake, there is no faster way, cleaner way, and more accurate way.  also, i think that a piping bag is much gentler on the cake batter than using an ice cream scoop or spoon.  this for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Yellow Butter Cupcakes (page 295):

8 thoughts on “Yellow 05 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – filling the cupcake pans

  1. Jenn says:

    H, how do you come up with the 50 gr per cupcake measurement? I want to apply this rule to other recipes. I always seem to overfill cupcake and the batter bake too high and not flat.

    • J, this recipe says to scoop or spoon 50 gr, but i would really go by experience. cupcake liners and muffin tins vary in size, the important rule would be to fill by volume according to what the recipe says: half full or 2/3 full. do this over a scale so you can determine the number of grams and then go by grams for the rest of the cavities.

  2. WYtransplant says:

    This is a great idea! Cupcakes are very popular in New Zealand and I find myself making heaps. This will speed up the process and help keep them uniform.

  3. Jenn says:

    H, I made the Lemon Poppy Seed-Sour Cream cake as cupcakes and weigh them! I made 1/2 recipe of the cake, ended up with 58 grams per cupcakes, and made 9 beautifully uniform and flat cupcakes. Thank you for a great idea!

    • J, that is awesome, thx for repporting. It is my suspision that all cakes baking on fluted tune pans will bake well as cupcakes without any baking powder adjustment because the surface area (width between sides of the pan or between side and tube) are pretty similar. If anything the cupcakes will be slightly domed but since you fill the batter by weight all cupcakes will be uniform!

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  4. Jenn says:

    H, thanks! I felt very triumphant yesterday haha! Never before I made such uniform cupcakes. Thank you a lot for this great idea. I did make a little adjustment on baking powder, as I am on 5,000 feet, I reduced it by about 20%. I just posted it under show & tell at Rose’s forum if you want to see the pictures.

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