Baby 06 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – Raspberry 01 Mousseline (page 149) – rendering raspberries

my take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Baby Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) was topped with a dot of Raspberry Mousseline (page 149).

this is the best rendition i can think in lie of fresh raspberries and whipped cream. this is hawaii, and i yet need to find a good raspberry!

my friends at American Spoon Foods came up with seedless raspberry butter (a no-butter, high fruit, low sugar, seedless, natural preserve, called fruit butter because it is smooth like butter), this is really top preserves.

and my friends at La Cuisine came up with raspberry french arome. i can’t assure more how wonderful and natural this essence is.

all you need to do, is whisk raspberry butter and raspberry arome into plain mousseline buttercream. i forgot the chambord!

no you tell me, if sometimes fresh isn’t best.

p.s. the dots are piped with polycarbonate cake decorating tips, on a 80 oF kitchen, with the cakes previously chilled overnight in the fridge.

4 thoughts on “Baby 06 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – Raspberry 01 Mousseline (page 149) – rendering raspberries

    • i’ve been making my own raspberry conserve (cordon rose recipe, cake bible) with frozen raspberries plus a drop of french arome per half pint prior canning. it is really a great product which i haven’t been able to find competition! spoon foods raspberry butter is the closest to mine’s, and indeed when i tasted the dollop of raspberry mousseline on this baby chocolate oblivion, my eyes flipped backward with joy. the sweetness and tart levels were right on the spot.

      spoon foods raspberry butter been seedless, is much more convenient than straining my cordon rose raspberry conserve. i prefer to use conserves rather than raspberry sauce for the mousseline, the consistency is thicker.

      if you are referring to top the baby chocolate oblivion with a fresh raspberry, i wouldn’t know any better because i detest the fresh raspberries flown in to Hawaii.

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