Baby 07 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – 3M take

my love to 3M as i share 2 dozen ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Baby Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) for a company sponsored appreciation lunch.

and how to pipe high definition (highly defined) buttercream rosettes?  use high end polycarbonate piping tips, which are uniquely constructed:  the shape/form starts from the inside of the tip.

a tip that i practice when handling piping bags:  before you start filling your piping bag, push some piping bag inside the piping tip.  this makes an effective stopper, and also prevents air pockets.  do the same when you refill the bag!

lunch menu:

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  1. Sharon says:

    Can one purchase only the tips one requires, the polycarbonate tips…or do you have to bulk purchase the entire set?

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