Yellow 09 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – the ring without fire

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Yellow Butter Cupcakes (page 295).  what happens when a recipe makes 16 cupcakes, but cupcake pans come only as 12? you throw the extra batter to bake on a silicone ring pan. indeed i made a 2x recipe, the extra 8 cupcake batter filled just right the ring.

note that butter cakes don’t brown well on a silicone pan. but, do note also that been a silicone pan, it is ok to under fill the pan. the ring was only 1″ deep.

the ring becomes an Easter egg nest, next . . .

p.s. any resemblance to die walkure ring of fire is pure coincidence.

2 thoughts on “Yellow 09 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – the ring without fire

  1. Sharon says:

    Waiting to see end product… been away one week for our yearly VBS for kids at church.Back to baking again.

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