Baby 09 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – cold take

this is the first time i try it cold, and let me tell you: it was fabulous! ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Baby Chocolate Oblivions (page 371), enjoyed straight from the refrigerator. note that it is best recommended to enjoy this cake at room temperature.


yesterday we started our heavy training at my canoe club, marking the 2010 regatta season.  2 hours of non stop paddling, with brief breaks doing sprint runs and pull ups (more of hanging on the bar since i haven’t learned how to do one pull up yet by age 40!).

after the 2 hour practice, i decided to run for 1 mile with my dog.  all good.  now below is my explanation, my defense, to the bad part that one of the email recipients of this message will surely voice:

at home, i could not resist but eat a whole chocolate oblivion cupcake.  i forgot i had 2 left in the fridge.  and i ate it COLD!  just wanted to tell you:  was delicious even cold when normally i eat this at room temperature.

p.s.  a chocolate oblivion cupcake contains 50 grams of dark chocolate, 25 grams of unsalted butter, and 1/2 whole egg.  no additional sugar.

p.s.2.  dark chocolate is on the good food list, specially containing cacao butter.  you know i don’t settle for the imitation.

p.s.3.  25 grams of unsalted butter contains less calories than a piece of chicken, and less fat than a slice of steak, and no sodium!

p.s.4.  egg whites are a good source of protein.

p.s.5.  egg yolks is a good source of fat (amino acids and essential fatty acids essentially).  according to the latest research, egg yolks DO NOT contribute to bad cholesterol.

p.s.6.  the little dollop of raspberry mousseline buttercream was the tip of the iceberg, in other words, i don’t care what else you think about been negative here on this positive meal!


4 thoughts on “Baby 09 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – cold take

  1. Jenn says:

    H, I liked the picture with the thermometer :).
    When I made this cake I had it cold too and find it better than at room temperature. So far it’s the only Rose’s cake I’ve tried that I liked it better cold.

    • J, temperature is such vital for flavor perception. I think it deppends on the amount of butter. Sponge cakes wo or with little butter and oil cakes are great cold. Butter cakes are great at room temp or warm. Chocolate cakes containing lots of cocoa butter are great either way.

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