Golden 05 Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) – Hilo take

i hope you are not bored by now, as i dissect ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Golden Lemon Almond Cake (page 37).  the cake made it to TSA just fine.  flew 45 minutes just fine.  was kept at room temperature overnight.  then enjoyed for breakfast.  extremely proud of the cake, arriving in perfect shape.  and utterly more proud of the giant dollops of white chocolate buttercream, not falling off from the cake

and here are pictures with the cutting ceremony, what perfect cut and plating.

Hilo is a neighbor town, 45 minutes by plane south west of honolulu.  Hilo is known for their agriculture .  i don’t live in Hilo, but i can bring Hilo to me:  baby romaine, heirloom red and yellow bell peppers, fish, purple sweet potatoes, asparagus.

8 thoughts on “Golden 05 Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) – Hilo take

  1. Jenn says:

    Hector, I’m never bored with your postings :). I was wondering how you transport the cake on the plane. So this is your carry-on then? How neat. The cake is beautifully wrap and I love how you included the tsa sheet on the side – I’m assuming that’s the rules that said you can bring a cake. I’m surprised they are okay with the buttercream. Doesn’t it fall under the liquid/gel category?
    Onto the cake comment, I love the happy birthday writing. Your piping is so beautiful!

    • thx J. cake was taken as carry on. i have my wheeled carry on and my personal item is the cake. if the cake is rather small and fits inside a styrofoam food take out box, then i have gone thru with an additional laptop shoulder case.

      as long as it looks like a cake or pie, it is ok with TSA, and the most is they run it thru xray a couple times. sometimes you will be asked to open the cake box if they see some design that looks dangerous.

    • M, peanut butter buttercream wil go thru, but as long as it is on a cake. if you just carry the buttercream in a container, it will be classified as gel substance and be banned. i wonder if one day i should make a “cake” frosted with hair gel and toothpaste and see what happens!

      the bundt cake was inside the bundt carrier, and inside a 12″ cake box. the carrier was too tall, so i cut the round opening on the box, which indeed helped TSA see what is inside, and me show the cake off during the TSA line!

      printing out the TSA rules, and attaching it on the box, is vital. many TSA clerks have no idea what the actual rules are!

  2. Julie says:

    H, I also love the TSA rules on the side of the box! And the plated cake is beautiful, did Luca enjoy it? Happy Birthday wishes to Luca!

    I traveled with a chocolate-chestnut roulade carry-on last thanksgiving, and the TSA agents seemd to get quite agitated about the cylinder until I told them it was cake. Then they relaxed and smiled- it’s interesting the effect cake had on their disposition!

    • thx J. Luca absolutely enjoyed his cake, in fact he baked the cake the following weekends twice in a row!

      let keep TSA happy with our cakes, i am considering baking extra cakes for them and leave it at the gate. they are probably tired of getting extra nail clippers, shaving blades, and other toiletries!

  3. Sharon says:

    That must have been a tremendous sense of achievement getting it across…the buttercream on the cake stayed overnight too?

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