6 thoughts on “Tiramisu 04 (page 267) – crystal cups

  1. Jenn says:

    Very nice cup Hector! It’s so fun to see your passion of all things espresso. Not something I share – I’m a tea drinker (though if I go to Europe I do order coffee!). It feels great to have passion in life, isn’t it? 🙂

    • the cups for the bostini are perfect for cappucinos. the crystal ones are much smaller, and just PERFECT for a single shot of espresso, and you can see thru and judge your skills by the height of the crema!

  2. KYT says:

    No offense, but since this is a cooking blog I’ll be honest. That’s a pretty bad shot! The amount of crema doesn’t reflect the skill of the barista, it reflects how much gas is in the coffee. Most coffee’s need 5 days before use as espresso just because they need to release gas. The crema should never, ever, be as pale as it is in this picture. That means something is wrong.

    • Point well taken. I believe I pulled this shot using illy’s decaf single packaged pods. It was at night and under the fluorescent light of my kitchen and my blackberry camera phone!

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