Golden 06 Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) – Luca’s take

Luca enjoyed his birthday cake so much, that he decided to bake one the very next week.  here is Luca’s take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Golden Lemon Almond Cake (page 37).

disclosure:  although delicious and well reviewed, the cake volume is lower than usual and the texture denser.  Luca misread the mixing instructions (batter for butter).  he added the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients prior adding the butter.  he may have invented a new cake worth the take.

take two, two weeks later.  from luca:  “I made the cake again last night, as a sort of baking class for a couple of people who were at my pizza party on Saturday.  So they made it themselves under my supervision, and without mistakes (no butter/batter confusion).  Came out ONO.”

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