Cranberry 01 Crown Cheesecake (page 241) – no cran, all blue

cranberries don’t grow in hawaii and the imports are not always available.  in search of a suitable replacement, i decided on blueberry preserves, to top ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Cranberry Crown Cheesecake (page 241).  Matthew Boyer baked a superb take:

my favorite blueberry topping is making my own (cake bible’s winter blueberry topping), but now this has become my second favorite as i believe now there is one best:

it is high in fruit and not mostly sugar.  the following description comes from the manufacturer, and it reads heavenly to me, from

“America’s Finest Fruit Preserves & Marmalades.  The ancient art of preserving the fruits of summer is, at first glance, a simple craft. But making preserves considered by many to be the finest in America is a labor of love. At American Spoon Foods, we go through elaborate steps to do what other companies work just as hard to avoid: packing as much succulent fruit as possible into every jar. Our process begins with about two pounds of fruit for each pound of sugar and a little pure lemon juice. The fruits are cooked in 28-gallon copper kettles (other companies cook in batches many times that size) until the perfect moment, one only skilled human senses can determine. With well over a half pound of fruit in every jar, other preserves pale by comparison.  Blueberry-Lime Preserves.  9.5 oz – Our plump West Michigan “Rubel” Blueberries, accented with a bright tang of fresh limes,make a lasting marriage. This small, low yielding, intensely flavored, deep-blue berry is grown for American Spoon on the O’Brien family farm in South Haven and has never been surpassed for culinary use. It is perfect for preserves and pies.”

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