Ladyfingers 01 (page 264) – the wondra book

ladyfingers resemble fingers.  ladyfingers are sponge cake batter piped and baked on a sheet pan.  Wondra flour makes wonderful ladyfingers.  the wonder of wondra flour is preventing the cake batter from spreading sideways when piped.  cake flour and all-purpose flour make wider and flatter ladyfingers as the batter spreads sideways during piping.  recipe on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Ladyfingers (page 264).

(note:  regardless what flour you choose, i recommend mixing only 1 recipe at a time.  i made a 3x recipe, only the first sheet pan of ladyfingers turned shapely, the batter quickly deflates after that, for my second and third sheet pans were not so pretty.  not even a fast master baker can top this!)

ladyfingers start as whipped egg yolks and, separately, as whipped egg whites.  then the two are folder together and flour added.

non-piped ladyfingers, baked in layer pans, are called biscuit de savoie.   i was awarded an honorary PhD on biscuit de savoie, when i made the 12-tier Hawaii Way cake:

6 thoughts on “Ladyfingers 01 (page 264) – the wondra book

    • Dr. M, just practice, follow your instincts and do it fast on a single stroke. i made a 2x batch which is a bad idea. what you see here is the 1st. the 2nd wasn’t as shapely. /H

  1. Julie says:

    H, I have to ask, did your ladyfinger batter flow out of the bag without being squeezed? Or did you need to use some pressure to form the fingers?

    • J, that is a very good question. I used a 3/4 inch pastry tip (ateco) and the largest disposable pastry bag (thermohauser). it “drips” but it doesn’t “flow by itself.” i know it is confusing. my thinking is, if you wait long enough, the batter will flow out by itself, but that will take too long and your arms will get tired and loose pulse plus the batter deflate or water down. i DID squeeze, by mostly holding the bag near vertically and squeezing from the top opening as you twist the top of the bag to keep it tight.

      i haven’t verified this with Rose, but i believe what she means is to keep the tip about 1 to 2 inches above the silpat, that way, the tip isn’t smearing or smashing down the piped ladyfingers.

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