Fruitcake 06 Wreatth (page 79) – 6 month take

it is 6 months old, does rum get better with time? it does on fruitcake!

i can’t begin to describe the aroma when removing the foil wrap of my aging ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Fruitcake Wreath (page 79). the alcohol evaporated, but the sweetness stayed:

back in the wraps with additional dark rum:

and a creative sprinkle of mauritus dark brown sugar:

it was today’s calling:

10 thoughts on “Fruitcake 06 Wreatth (page 79) – 6 month take

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    • M, that is one great analogy! It tasted very refined, melow, not overly sweet which perhaps come from the inheritant bitter of the orange peel roses. I don’t think this tastes like cake anymore, but as some new food and flavor that is produced after many months of been in touch together.

      I am having a lot of fun tasting it thru the months. It feels like a new type of cake each time.

      I do have it since February stored at my 46oF cake only fridge.

      I don’t perceive ANY rancid taste from the nuts, nor stale flour taste from the cake. The peel roses are also in perfect shape. More so, I am still loving to tell!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Fruit cakes are an all time favourite in the parts where I live, no other cake sells as much as fruit cakes here!

    And, you have a bakery in your fridge, Hector!!!

    • S, i am certain fruitcake in india is much more upgraded than the common fruitcake in the usa.

      and regarding my cake freezer, lets just say there is not a single occasion where hector doesn’t take cake!

  2. Jenn says:

    H, honestly, I got to 20 and only halfway through the comment’s length, so I stopped counting.
    Just recounted, and I got 33, and those are counting the ladyfingers as 1 item, and counting the “yellow fruit shortcake, papaya, pineapple, passion 1slice” as 1 item (instead of 3 for each fruit).
    I’m amazed that you have it on spreadsheet, though it makes sense as it’s easier to keep track that way than digging through the freezer!

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