Cranberry 02 Crown Cheesecake (page 241) – on salt and sugar

on salt and sugar for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Cranberry Crown Cheesecake (page 241).

small details can elevate your take, i worship non-iodized salt for all my cakes. iodine imparts a bitter take! although i adore coarse hawaiian salt, my peugeot salt grinder is tiring. now i use ‘alaea salt which is available as fine grind; and it has a beautiful Rose color. traces of hawaiian clay are added to the salt, primarilly to increase nutrition and to follow ancient hawaiian tradition. it is believed ‘alaea salt nurishes health and spirit.

the clay doesn’t impart any flavor, and being rose color i no longer puzzle if salt has been added or not.  white salt looks identical to baking powder or baking soda! (you are probably shaking your head as i wish baking powder or baking soda coming in assorted colors, or maybe it is time to get reading glasses and be over with).

on sugar.  i also adore organic sugar, specially if wholesome and manufactures with love.  the cheesecake recipe calls for granulated sugar (non-superfine), so the take was heavenly with organic sugar.

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