Cranberry 04 Crown Cheesecake (page 241) – hector’s take

here is my take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Cranberry Crown Cheesecake (page 241).
i following the recipe in much detail, but replacing the cranberry topping with blueberries.
i really wish you were here to have a slice.

6 thoughts on “Cranberry 04 Crown Cheesecake (page 241) – hector’s take

  1. Julie says:

    Hector, it all looks just perfect! Love the yellow ribbon and plate, the lemon rose, the blueberries, yum.

    And I can see from one of your closeups of the unbaked cheesecake that your ladyfingers did form the elusive (for me) pearlized coating. I’m making a batch today, I’m hoping that this time I’ll get the pearled effect!

    • J, bake the ladyfingerss as soon as you can. I am also extremelly pleased with the blueberry preserves and ALSO with the cheesecake alone: so creamy, heavenly cloudy cottony white.

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  2. Jenn says:

    Awesome looking cheesecake H! The ladyfingers look so perfect, I love how it’s so evenly light brown and the little section at the top where it’s darker brown are so even as well. How did you achieve this?
    I made the Baby Lemon Cheesecake, will have 1st taste today and can’t wait :).

    • J, can I have one bb lemon cc pls! I believe the ladyfingers browned more on the tips because I didn’t trim the bottoms as much, thus the ladyfinger tips were sticking out from the springform pan and also the cake batter was near half inch under.

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      • Jenn says:

        H, I’m eating the cheesecake now. Oh dear I think I’m going to pass out! It is sooo good. And I don’t even like cheesecake. I always pass on cheesecake and never found one I like, it’s always so rich and sweet.
        The BB lemon is not sweet at all. It taste creamy and smooth and I love the tanginess of the lemon curd. Rose is trully the best!

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