16 thoughts on “Torta 01 de las Tres Leches (page 211) – tres leches para mama

  1. H, love the photo of the sliced cake! How do you pipe the whipped cream? Did you do it directly on the cake? So amazed at the detail, how each line of piping are so closed together, yet they are distinctly standing on their own.

    • K, this is gelatin stabilized whipped cream. Rose tip, basic rose piping without a core, directly on the cake, on a turn table. For a heart shape, I love to start off center, in this case, i started from off top right.

      Often, the gelatin stabilized whipped cream becomes spongy when not used immediatelly; and no longer smooth to pipe. when this happens, use a spatula and fold quite violently and the spongy bubbles becomes smooth and the whipped cream thicker loosing air volume which indeed is heavenly for piping. You don’t have to go thru all this trouble if your cake is served within hours or if you can pipe FAST! I most often than always don’t as I need to bring and share cake with several people thru days and sometimes months!

      I also love this rose pattern with mousseline as first done with my Grand Marnier Rose. On this link, scroll down about 3 pages


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      • Jenn says:

        H, that was me who left the comment. Thanks for the tip on smoothing the stabilized whipped cream. I often make this one, even if the recipe indicated regular whipped cream, as I also ate the cake throughout the week.
        Checked out the Grand Marnier Rose. That is super exquisite. I love the whole look, from the yellow plate, to the yellow tips on the mousseline. H, I want to be like you when I grow up! Not sure if it’ll ever come true, but I can dream about it :).

  2. Julie says:

    Gorgeous, H! Love the photos that show the texture.

    And thanks so much for the tip about beating the spongy whipped cream, I’m always racing to work with it.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thats a splendid cake decoration….esp the third picture really shows off the texture, mouth feel and the taste of the cake. It is just wow!

    Loved what you said, to keep up the motivation…

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