Double 06 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – i love you like a mango

and i sure do, after spending countless hours on the drawing table, for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Double Chocolate Valentine (page 113), with mango!

does fresh mango go with chocolate?  the answer is YES

YES means:  pipe (or spread) 2 cups of whipped cream on the cake, this makes a generous layer of whipped cream.  then lay the mango.  serve slightly cold, like at wine chiller temperature 65-70 oF.  just imagine, it is like having a fresh fruit dessert topped with whipped cream and over a base of chocolate cake.  YUM!

yes, i make it sound so easy.  stay tuned, i’ve been invited to a “mango festival” so maybe somebody will video tape my demonstration on how to lay mango!

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10 thoughts on “Double 06 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – i love you like a mango

  1. Sharon says:

    That is such a luscious looking cake….must have been a real treat !

    Here its the Mango season too, and you just have to taste some of the varieties, esp the Alphonso..its a bit of heaven!
    More so with the whipped cream chocolate cake.Life is indeed beautiful.

    Sure would love to see the arrangement of the mangoes, was intrigued by the Mango Passion Tart a long while ago.

  2. Sharon says:

    You must try the Alphonso variety, if you hav’nt as yet, when you go to the mango festival.
    Its a deep peachish yellow color on the inside and has a soft outer skin, lovely to look at too.
    When its real ripe, its like a heavenly custard dripping all sweetness but not cloying at all.
    Do take lots of pictures for us.

  3. CRenee says:

    Wow.. very nice. Happy Birthday… Video showing how to lay the mango? I would like to see video of how to cut it so nicely. And, a video of how you keep from eating it as you go. I will have to try this combo…I love chocolate and mango. Thank you

  4. Jenn says:

    Sorry for the late comment. Happy happy birthday Hector. What a gorgeous cake! The mangoes look so luscious and ripe. I miss ripe mangoes, you’re lucky that it’s practically falling off the trees in Hawaii :).

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