Chocolate 01 Ingots (page 313) – nibbling

Chocolate Ingots (page 313) – nibbling

from ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Ingots (page 313): “Moist, tender, sparkling, and intriguingly bittersweet, with their extra chocolate flavor punch and crunch of caramelized cacao nibs, these are the best chocolate financiers I’ve ever encountered. I discovered them and their creator, Jean François Bonnet, owner of Tumbador, a chocolate bar in Brooklyn, when he was pastry chef at New York’s Monkey Bar. Nibs are the unsweetened chopped roasted cacao beans before they are processed into chocolate. Some people find their flavor rather bitter. However, Zach Townsend came up with the idea of caramelizing them. This way you can enjoy the sweet crunch and deep chocolate aroma of a chocolate factory. This recipe can be multiplied and made in several batches.”

side note: last night, went to good-to-grill on kapahulu after a 6 mile practice. ate a plate of prime rib with a side of opah and chicken. where did it go? I woke up hungry today and pans are falling off! coach said carbo load today, so here you have it! 10 mile race tomorrow!

one cacao nib per hour should provide energy, too!

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  1. wow!!! original hawaiian choco!!!!
    I’ve never seen it before!! it must be fantastic!!!!
    Note: pasta Garofalo is a very good kind of italian pasta, I’m sure it will be you helpfull for your 10miles!!!!!

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