Double 07 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – on my birthday day

my day started with ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Double Chocolate Valentine (page 113), waiting to be taken.

then a morning Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddle, which goes like this:

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then breakfast at the Hau Tree Lanai in waikiki

then lunch with my niece after her ballet performance

then dinner at “old” Roy’s, with the “new” $25 cake cutting fee:

4 thoughts on “Double 07 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – on my birthday day

  1. Jenn says:

    Looks like a very nice birthday day Hector. Thank you for sharing all pictures. It was fun looking at your canoe club paddling :).
    Did you make 2 heart shaped cake? I see one with swirls of white frosting, and another one with the mango? Or is it one and the same?

    • thx J, same one cake, prior placing the mango slices, pipe large rosettes with whipped cream on the entire cake surface, starting from the edges. the whipped cream brings together the concept of fresh mango on a chocolate cake. serve this slightly cool (about 65oF), so yummy!

      haven’t baked anything the past 3 weeks, but have 4 cakes to do by next week! needed the time to adjust to my new regatta schedule, which is going very very well!

    • J, grad party saturday, moving party sunday. fly to Seattle wedenesday. sister’s bday saturday. first nephew grad party sunday! that makes four 🙂

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