Torta 06 de las Tres Leches (page 211) – the sweetheart pane!

one thing leads to another.  i baked bread, and when sliced, it turned into a heart.  so let me associate this with ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Torta de las Tres Leches (page 211), hector’s heart take:

this is a 50% hydration version, adapted from the Basic Sourdough Bread on The Bread Bible.  basically it is 420 gr flour, 210 gr water, 100 gr stiff starter, and 10 gr salt.  Luca and I have been developing this “new recipe.”

my take has only one rise (about 18 hours), then a punch down and final rise (about 3 hours) which takes place with a special “upside down glass bowl technique” to keep the loaf as round and tall as possible , will write more soon, or answer questions later.

i love the crust, the color, and the blistering.  note that this pictured bread is a 3 lb bread, aprox 15 inches diameter, the best way to know if it cooked all the way is reading the internal temperature, of course by my instant read thermapen!  and equally important, my oven temperature is verified with my trusted oven dial thermometer:

servido pero no convido!

7 thoughts on “Torta 06 de las Tres Leches (page 211) – the sweetheart pane!

  1. Julie says:

    Hector, what a lovely bread! That crust is just so beautiful, and I love how you’ve coaxed the shape into such a tall, rounded boule. I’d like a slice now, please!

  2. Jenn says:

    Oooh, H, nice bread! Like Julie, I also love how tall it is. And the color is amazing – what a nice shade of brown it is.

    • thx J, J, and M!

      some writing, and sorry it is all piece meals. i have finally found a way to achieve a nice free form loaf and pretty much mess free.

      1- wet your hands with water or oil. 2- still on the container the dough was risen on, punch down with your hands. hands been wet will stick the least, if any. 3- line an open sided cookie sheet or pizza peel with a sheet of parchment paper. 4- pour out the dough onto the parchment. 5- rewet or reoil your hands, form a tight ball by tucking the dough onto itself under. 6- place the ball on the center of the parchment. 7- cover with an inverted glass bowl that has been sprayed with baker’s joy. the bowl should be only 2x to 2.5x the size of the ball. the idea is that the bowl will coax the dough to rise up and form a nice round, almost filling the bowl completely. 8- preheat oven for 60 minutes, middle rack lined with tiles or pizza stone, bottom rack with a shallow cast iron pan or inverted cast iron lid. 9- lift the glass bowl, place the bread on the tiles by sliding the bread out of the cookie sheet or pizza peel, parchment still attached to the bread. place 6-8 ice cubes on the cast iron pan. cover the oven exhaust if any, with a moist kitchen towel. 10- 475oF for 20 minutes. uncover the oven exhaust. 400oF for another 20 minutes, opening the oven door 3 times to release extra humidity. bake until the bread has reached appropriate internal temperature.

      in all, i love the use of the inverted glass bowl to shape my boule! it is also easy to keep clean!

      • Jenn says:

        I didn’t notice it in your original post, about the inverted glass bowl method. I also have used this method. Figured it out more from efficiency perspective. It’s the same bowl that I used to let the dough rise for the 1st time. figured it’s easier to use it instead of wasting plastic saran wrap. Though I don’t use spray it with oil because the dough never really rise that high.

      • The bowl needs to be on the small side, so as the final boule rises it fills the sides thus rising upwards. This method gives me a pretty tall sourdough bread which main challenge is the bread not been strong due to the acidity weakening gluten and thus spreading sideways.

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