English 02 Gingerbread Cake (page 75) – ginger and lemon

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: English Gingerbread Cake (page 75) uses freshly grated ginger and a delicate lemon buttery syrup.

my take is elevated with a drape of lemon fondant: knead albert uster massa fondant with LOTS of lemon zest (wash the lemons with dish soap and warm water first) and a hint of lemon oil.

who can resist a white sugary dough exploding like a lemon drop candy on ones tastebuds? this is the first i’ve seen people loving fondant instead of scraping it out and leaving it on the plate!

4 thoughts on “English 02 Gingerbread Cake (page 75) – ginger and lemon

  1. Jenn says:

    Beautiful H. So this is fondant from Albert Ulster?
    I love that I can see the lemon zest on the fondant. Pretty!

    • thx J, it is albert uster fondant and i added tons of lemon zest and drops of lemon oil. i wouldn’t vanish the look of the zest even for a smooth wedding!

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  2. Matthew says:

    Lovely! How does this fondant taste (before adding the zest)? I think the zest is very pretty–adds an interesting texture like wrapping paper.

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