Double 08 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – beginnings and endings

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Double Chocolate Valentine (page 113).  beginnings:  my favorite restaurant, where i’ve been celebrating birthdays since my 19th.  beginnings:  my double chocolate valentine with mango begins with whipped cream rosettes.

endings:  the same restaurant, this year starts charging a $25 cake cutting fee.  endings: my double chocolate valentine with mango, the last cut.

i am not against the cake cutting fee, and i understand the reasons.  needless to say, it was a rough feeling, specially after all these years.  but everything felt normal again, when the cake was unveiled and enjoyed with my guests, and the waiter said “mr. wong, we normally place candles when we bring out birthday cakes, but this cake looks so special that i felt a candle would hurt it”

3 thoughts on “Double 08 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – beginnings and endings

  1. Jenn says:

    That would hurt if after all the years, suddenly being charged. It’s a big inflation, $0 to $25 :).
    I’m very amazed that you celebrate birthday every year at the same place. Can I ask what kind of food is it? I’m sure it’s delicious, but is it also more of a tradition for you?
    I love the waiter’s comment, and so true! The cake is too perfect :).

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