Tiramisu 11 (page 267) – the return airplane ride

just additional silly postings, related to ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Tiramisu (page 267). i felt extremely happy to have traveled with it from Hawaii to Seattle, and more so my family enjoyed this cake with 110% satisfaction. my family is my biggest critique, really, seldom do they share a standing ovation. this is the BEST tiramisu everyone has ever tasted, in my opinion this is the REAL tiramisu as i tasted it in Italy.

the tiramisu cooler bag returned to Hawaii, also filled! i rewarded myself with a le creuset, which fitted perfectly inside the cooler.

4 thoughts on “Tiramisu 11 (page 267) – the return airplane ride

  1. Jenn says:

    Congrats H on the lovely purchase!!!

    Is that a 6 qt? If so, I have one exactly the same – I love that color the most for le cruset.
    Also, I recently bought the stainless steel replacement knob for it from Sur La Table.

    • J, the 6 qt is the first one I had. Pictured is the 14 qt aka goose pot. I’ve just used it to slow cook a 15 lb turkey stuffed with chicken wings. Oven was filled with quarry tiles. First hour at 350oF, then I turned the oven off and went out to dinner. 4 hours later, internal meat temp was 175oF. Oven was 200oF. How perfect is this. Then, I decided to keep the oven at 200oF for 16 hours until the meat felt off the bone.

      Periodically, I would remove the far with a turkey baster.

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  2. Jenn says:

    14 Qt!?! Can the oven rack hold that much weight? I looked it up and the pot weigh about 21 pounds plus turkey.
    Am just curious. I use my 6 qt for stews and sometimes I’m afraid the rack would break with all those weight.

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