Baby 03 Lemon Cheesecakes (page 327) – topped with passion curd

you can use passion fruit jello shells to top stellar Hector’s Take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Baby Lemon Cheesecakes (page 327).

8 thoughts on “Baby 03 Lemon Cheesecakes (page 327) – topped with passion curd

  1. Julie says:

    These are looking great, H! Have enjoyed watching you construct them. Did you make the passion shells? And what did you use to make the piped roses?

    • J, passion shells are molded with a silicone sea shells mold. I only have a basic one made by silicone zone and I believe it has been discontinued. My Japanese bakery has a really nice one, used for fondant, and I am not able to find a vendor to get one for me!

      Roses are burnt orange silk meringue buttercream.

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  2. Jenn says:

    H, your creativity astounds me! With every take, I am more and more amazed. Bravo! I echo J, that it’s really fun to watch you construct them.

  3. Jenn says:

    H, did you add gelatin to the passion curd so they will maintain their molded shape?

    I’ve seen grey silicone molds at a cake supply shops – I think they’re for candy – but it can be used for this as well right?

    • J, yes, i did, and thx for bringing this up. you also need to freeze them, and unmold frozen, so the sea shells will pop out in one piece.

      the candy molds are usually sturdy plastic, my preference is silicone because they are flexible.

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