Miette’s 02 Tomboy (page 145) – family drama

for my nephew’s upcoming 4th birthday, i offered ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Miette’s Tomboy (page 145).  but my sister “kindly declined” in favor to sugar drama.

From H:  “ok.  i hope you eventually get the point:  it is NOT about been a cake diva or show drama, it is about teaching people what GOOD CAKE is.  always texture and flavor first!!!!  cake shouldn’t be some sugar decoration.  and i don’t take credit for everything, i always say whose recipe it is, and who are the vendors that contributed to my cakes!”

From G: “I do not think it will feed 50-70 people.  plus you will not like me putting some decoration on top that will not meet your standards. find somebody else to show off that will let the baker do his wish instead of the client’s.  You cakes are the best, but dealing with you and your cake-diva-drama is too much for me…. I rather pay for “whatever” and avoid dealing with you.  Sorry for the trouble.”

From H:  “do you want this cake?  the rose is going to be yellow of course, and he will love that!  it is a chocolate layer cake with vanilla buttercream.  and i already have the buttercream done, ready to be slapped on the cake!”

4 thoughts on “Miette’s 02 Tomboy (page 145) – family drama

  1. Natalie says:

    Can’t wait to hear how this turns out and see your “take” on the Miette Tomboy. I’ve made it twice and it is WONDERFUL!!

  2. ceci says:

    amigo espero que todo termine bien y puedas hacer el cake. Siempre en las familias hay “problemitas”…. paciencia paciencia!! 😉

    • C, me entiendes? estamos bastante calmados. creo mi gorda esta con la azucar elevada, luego de nuestro lindisimo viaje a Seattle, con su tiramisu y el bernachon palet de or gateau. la pasamos muy bien.

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