Bernachon 03 Palet d’Or Gateau (page 107) – peruvian chocolate

for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Bernachon Palet d’Or Gateau (page 107), i used this chocolate to make the fantastic ganache frosting:

2 thoughts on “Bernachon 03 Palet d’Or Gateau (page 107) – peruvian chocolate

  1. I have also tried their 72% Chocodrops and they are fabulous, but would prefer a lower cacao percentage for ganache, so I must try this.
    I have used the 72% in cookies but they don’t melt the same way. (The flavor is great for eating out of hand, or for dipping.)

    • R, i would suspect the best choco chips for cookies are milk chocolate or something around 50%. if you do a lot of chocolate chip cookies or cakes with chocolate chips, try the valrhona les perles, dark 50% or so. you can buy it in huge bags and it does come better priced than any other valrhona dark chocolate. been perles, it is so easy to temper.

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