Chocolate 12 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – eaten guava

this is my cupcake take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142), with guava ice cream.  can you believe i made this in february and only eaten it now?

2 thoughts on “Chocolate 12 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – eaten guava

  1. Julie says:

    H, you have a lot of restraint to keep that in your freezer for so long. I’ve made RHC ice cream sandwhiches four times now and none left :).

    • J, I don’t know if it is restrain or if it is overload -:)

      I’ve just completed the Miette’s Tomboy… Yummy! A fuzz free fudgy very chocolatey cake. It is one of the cakes I will feature at the mango festival, let’s see how mango is admired on chocolate cake by my local people.

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