Orange 03 Glow Chiffon Layer Cake (page 203) – the making

how to mix ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Orange Glow Chiffon Layer Cake (page 203).

first, mise en place:

second, mixing the yolks, wet, and dry ingredients, by hand.  trust me, it is quicker and simpler than having to rinse the mixer bowl:

third, whipping the whites, and i don’t see any better way than with a stand mixer:

fourth, how to fold the whites with the yolk mix, and indeed the full process from start to finish:

[ coming soon on youtube near you ]

fifth, filling the pans:

sixth, cooling the baked cakes inverted and on a suspended cooling rack (note, the loose bottom pan is starting to detach):seventh, a make-shift flower nail holder, little piece of crumbled aluminum foil between the flower nail tip and the cooling rack, this to hold the loose bottom piece:

eight, i didn’t place the make-shift flower nail holder soon enough:

12 thoughts on “Orange 03 Glow Chiffon Layer Cake (page 203) – the making

  1. Julie says:

    Hector, that is the most perfect and well-organized mise en place I have ever seen!

    Love that you shared the piping tip trick, and that you showed what happens with a loose-bottom pan. I smiled at the crumpled foil technique. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the finished cake- will it be more mangos? or orange cream?

  2. Marianne Thalken says:

    Wow–beautiful information. Thanks so much for sharing, Hector. I will take the time to look at this much more closely.

  3. I have been wanting to buy & try layer cakes from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes as well as Cake Bible but just a little concern. All her recipes call for 9*2 pans whereas I only have 8* 3 inch pans (the Wilton Decorator Preferred Pans). Will that make a big difference ? Apart from increasing the baking time do I need to do anything differently ? Also, if a cake calls for springform pan, can I still use my round pans with parchment paper,like you did ?

    • Sadaf, some cakes work on deeper pans, some DO NOT. The same for narrower pans.

      In my opinion, sponge cakes that rely on whipped eggs to rise, such as angel food, biscuit genoise, and chiffon, works on deeper pans, on shallower pans too. The only adjustment is baking time and be sure to fill the pan as said on the recipe or as the pan volume difference. If the batter should fill 3/4 of the 2″ pan, make sufficient to fill 3/4 of the 3″ pan.

      Butter and oil cakes do not. Pls read about this on Cake Bible.

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    • U need to aim with the same finished heights in ratio to ur pan height. Ie, if the recipe says 1.5″ finished height for a genoise baked on a 2″ pan; then that ratio is 3/4. For a 3″ pan, x 3/4, = 9/4″ or 2 1/4″

      This is just my general guideline, I will always follow the recipe exactly as is at least the first time, so u know what to aim for.

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