Le 11 Succes (page 281) – the tea artisan

my own tea artisan: Jesse Ford, who grows, harvests, dries, and blends the tea I use for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Le Succes (page 281).

le succes’ tea ganache doesn’t get better than this!  I use Tisane tea. Tisane is made from coffee cherries by www.coffeesofhawaii.com

2 thoughts on “Le 11 Succes (page 281) – the tea artisan

  1. Julie says:

    OK, I just looked up coffee cherries, and I didn’t realize that coffee was like chocolate, in that there’s an outer, larger fruit with the seeds inside.

    The seeds, or beans, are used to make coffee, but this tea is made from the whole fruit, is that right? Or is it made from the whole fruit minus the coffee seeds/beans? Does it taste like coffee?

    I find all this so interesting… 🙂

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