Coconut 11 Cheesecake (page 250) – cascade bundt pan

to bake ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Coconut Cheesecake (page 250) on a bundt pan, follow these instructions:

1- skip the crust.

2- use a 8 cup bundt tube pan, non-stick or plain-stick (a 10-11 cup pan works, too). i used my favorite Wilton Cascade cast aluminum tube pan, i find it perfect for the coconut sprinkle effect.

3- for the water bath, use a 3″ deep pan.

3- bake till internal temperature is 170 oF. cheesecake surface will be golden or light brown.

4- chill well overnight. unmold like jello (dip the pan in hot water for 2 minutes, then invert on a serving plate and tap at once).

5- sprinkle with coconut flakes.

5 thoughts on “Coconut 11 Cheesecake (page 250) – cascade bundt pan

  1. JennEm says:

    Hector, Thanks for your reply regarding your Big Heart ‘cake take’. Had not been to your site since your Vanilla bean cake extravaganza and so just saw all these new wonderful creations from RHC. Bravo, Hector, you continue to raise the bar with one visual (and I can safely assume) culinary delight after the next. I hope your inspirations continue. Great interpretation of the recipe, innovative use of equipment and brilliant conceptualization – your rendition of this cake fills me with nostalgia and wanderlust as it reminds me of the Swiss Alps. I will have to send my sister-in-law who lives there this link as it would be the perfect cake to end an elegant meal. She being from the tropics, will enjoy the coconut angle as well. Don’t know if the cake has cream in it, but the fresh Gruyere cream available there is to die for. The cows in Gruyere feed on a variety of alpine flowers and meadow which impart such a subtle and beautiful, slightly nutty flavour to their milk.

    Your cakes are further compelling me to get RLB’s newest book which is not available locally. Have a few other experiments with my new Swiss raclette, waffle and bricolette makers though that should keep me in check until I am in “amazonable” range.

    Bon appetit!

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