Karmel 03 Cake (page 31) – the dry ingredients

here is my review on the dry ingredients for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Karmel Cake (page 31):

high quality light muscovado right brown sugar:

bleached all purpose flour, measured by weight directly on the mixer’s bowl, sifting not necessary:

baking powder, aluminum free, measured by volume with accurate measuring spoons (do you know most measuring spoon makers differ up to 50% in actual volumes?).

the recipe calls for 3 tsps, and because i often forget the count past the 2nd tsp, i weigh the tsps on a micro scale!  by reading the weight, i no longer puzzle if i measured the 3rd tsp when actually was only the 2nd!

salt, i am using local hawaiian salt enriched with alaea

once the dry ingredients on the mixer bowl, mix for 30 seconds to distribute uniformly all the ingredients.  i honestly prefer to do this by hand with a whisk because the mixer most always generates powdery clouds!

2 thoughts on “Karmel 03 Cake (page 31) – the dry ingredients

  1. Julie says:

    India Tree sugars- yum! I think I ‘m reaching the conclusion that everything tastes better when grown in volcanic soil.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished cake!

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