Chocolate 02 Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163) – two mixers

when baking the biscuit roulade cake for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163), think of using two mixers simultaneously.  i find many advantages of owning two mixers.

biscuit roulade has two separate mixing stages, and when each stage is done simultaneously with its own mixer, things go quick!  i think the additional advantages of owning two mixers are:

1- your real time mixing capacity is doubled, yet you can still mix small quantities when needed.

2- you can power two attachments at once.  for example, when making pasta, one mixer can roll sheets while the second mixer cuts fettuccine!

in my studio, i have the following mixers:  a kitchen aid 5 qt, a kitchen aid 6 qt, and a bosch 7 qt.  with honesty, if you add up the total cost, the expense is far less than purchasing a 10 to 20 qt mixer!

here is my biscuit roulade, whites whipped on its own mixer, than added to the mixer which whipped the rest of the ingredients:


4 thoughts on “Chocolate 02 Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163) – two mixers

  1. Julie says:

    H, I also mix biscuit with two mixers, it makes everything so easy and trouble-free.

    Love all that pasta! What flours do you like to use for pasta?

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      J, this was a pre-made mix from ecco la pasta brand.

      I use a blend of bleached ap flour, durum semolina, and cake flour! I also add cream instead of water!

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Jenn says:

    H, what happened to the wordpress website? The pasta looks great! I’ve been making dumplings from scratch and love it, will have to get on the pasta making :).

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      J, it is still or just

      wordpress is now hosting my domain name.

      happy pasta making and bsking

      Sent from my iPhone

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