8 thoughts on “Chocolate 05 Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163) – hector’s big heart

  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks for posting this H. I completely missed the post on Rose’s forum. An awesome big heart it is and so beautiful. It is truly inspiring to see you coming up with more and more heart shaped cake. They are lovely.

    This is also one of my favorite cake. I am finding that I prefer chocolate cakes with some fruit component in them vs. just a 100% chocolate cake. True orange genoise, chocolate apricot roll are my 2 favorites so far from the book. Orange and chocolate are just a deadly combo for me (especially when it has grand marnier in them) and Rose’s apricot lekvar is just to die for.

    • J, glad you are enjoying this cake. the apricot amount i applied was so minimal, it just gave a floral tone to the cake and the ganache. the liquor was also minimal, just aroma i would say. i used a mix of navan (grand marnier’s vanilla cognac) and apricot french arome (from la cuisine). i don’t have apricot liquor. worked well.

      now…. please try mango and chocolate. it has been quite a revolution from my mango rose demos.

  2. Jenn says:

    H, I would love to try mango and chocolate. Mango is one of my favorite fruit. But it is hard to find good ones in Denver. They seem to go from not ripe to too ripe very quickly – and they don’t look as beautiful as the ones I see in your video/pictures. Do I need to wait until they go ripe? Or somewhat tart ones works?

    • I use them either way. If too firm, slice thinner so is easier to bend. If too soft, slice thicker. A generous glaze of apricot or passion fruit or guava jelly will add extra flavor specially if the mangoes lack !

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      • Jenn says:

        Thanks for the tips H! I really adore your take on the mango rose and it is on my list to try it and I hope to be able to produce half as nice as yours :).

      • J, so glad. I am certain I gave out all my secrets at the very many YouTube mango roses I taped. In February I will do something similar at the 2011 Kona Avocado Festival at the gorgeous Amy BH Greenwell Ethno-botanical Garden

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  3. Amy Chang says:


    I love your cake very much. Can I request to put in video? I request that before, but I really really want it. Please………


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