Miette’s 16 Tomboy (page 145) – 70% chocolate

to plan for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Miette’s Tomboy (page 145), chef Patti Kimball from Konawaena high school goes into ultimate extent to teach. she brings her students and I, to Cocoa Outlet and to Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory


3 thoughts on “Miette’s 16 Tomboy (page 145) – 70% chocolate

  1. Jenn says:

    H, thanks for sharing these pictures. Look at you with your cane and yellow crocs! I hope you are healing well from the surgery.
    Wonderful pictures of the factory and the cocoa trees. And is that lychee? Yum!

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      hawaiian airlines has superb wheelchair porters from airport curbside to curbside, they even grab your id and credit card and do all the luggage and checkin for you. i didn’t push it, and didn’t bring cake this time thru tsa!

      was energizing to share time with patti’s students, her school, the chocolate peoples, and then dinner with patti and lychee! at midnight, i went back to the hospital for a new round of antibiotics and was released in 2 hours. not a big deal, you just need to manage your time between doing something you love and hospital hours! as of this week, i am medicine and pain free, just sporting a pretty noticeable scar.

      as you can see, sharing baking is outside and inside me.

      • Jenn says:

        Glad to hear you recovered well H! A couple of weeks ago I burned my left hand pretty bad (had to apply burn gel and bandaged it for the night), and my concern was whether I would be able to bake and cook the next day, :).

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