Chocolate 06 Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163) – apricot brandy?

for my take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163), my partner in crime, Kathy, whom has tasted all my cakes and has followed all my events, claims this is her favorite chocolate cake and she is chocofilic.  she says that the balance of the generous amounts of ganache and chocolate glaze are perfect on the otherwise plain vanilla biscuit cake.  the amounts of apricot jam are very thin, so never to overpower flavors plus the stripes look nicer (the first time i made Rose’s ethereal pear charlotte, i spread too thick layer of raspberry jam, the flavor was too intense and the smears insightful!).

one more technicality, and sorry i share my secrets piece meal (took 7 years in a row to write my mother’s thanksgiving turkey recipe, each year she will remember something!):

ganache:  no apricot brandy and vanilla, replace both volumes (1 tb + 1/4 tsp, per 1x) with la cuisine apricot arome (2 drops, per 1x).

2 thoughts on “Chocolate 06 Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze (page 163) – apricot brandy?

  1. Julie says:

    H, that’s so funny about it taking seven years to get all the details of your Mother’s recipe! Sometimes I think it would be nice if our brains worked in a linear fashion, but then how interesting would that be?

    I love the apricot essence, too, it is one of the best that La Cuisine makes.

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