She 07 Loves Me Cake (page 15) – process

process photos for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: She Loves Me Cake (page 15):

1- She Loves Me Cake? and I Love Cafe! a small break while getting all ready:

2- preheating oven and verifiying temperature: (i am serious about this!)

3- waiting till the butter is at the correct temperature range:

4- spraying the pan with baking spray and using a brush to cover all convolutions. i brush till the baking spray seems to have disappeared, and be sure there isn’t excess accumulated on any of the tiny angles:

5- measuring vanilla. my vanilla jar has vanilla bean and vanilla seeds! one of my students, who follows my method closely, asked me why my cakes tastes with a higher note than his cakes? he narrowed up the flavor gap to my vanilla vanilla!

6- when possible, i like to be the mixer myself during the first seconds of mixing. i hold the mixer attachment with one hand and go slowly. this keeps my apartment clean (preventing anything from jumping).7- a secret to achieve perfect cake with all the pan imprints, is first spread a thin coat of batter and smooth with a small icing spatula while pressing gently: (do not toss the batter around, or you will be removing the baking spray!)

8- and this is how perfect Rose’s recipe is written for this pan. bakes level and fills all the way to the top edges of the pan. i have never seen this type of pan-to-cake accuracy elsewhere: (i spread a thin coat of orange marmalade on my cake board to the cake won’t slide).

4 thoughts on “She 07 Loves Me Cake (page 15) – process

  1. Jenn says:

    I have both silicone and bristle brush. I know some people said they prefer bristle vs. silicone. How about you? Which one do you like best and why?

    • J, i have both and use both. i also have a nylon brush. i also have my grandfather’s chinese calligraphy brushes!

      i choose with what seems to brush better depending what i am doing, sort of a hit and miss and what works best with experience. i do use my silicone one, the most, if that helps.

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