Woody’s 04 Lemon Luxury Layer Cake (page 43) – my lemon luxury

i think the name of this cake comes about from using the best and most luxuriuous lemon ingredients.  for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Woody’s Lemon Luxury Layer Cake (page 409).  my take on luxury is as follow:

1- lemon curd from TipTree.  omg, it is delicious.  not a hint too sweet, profusely lemon, descent color, and all natural.  it is imported from England!  this would be one of the world finds worth bringing.  really, i think there isn’t any other store-bought lemon curd that equals the freshness of home made lemon curd.  you must try this one, i am telling you the flavor is amazing.  it has a lemon flavor depth that i’ve never encounter before (maybe the lemons are organic!  lol):

2- and, boyajian lemon oil.  i substituted the lemon zest called on the cake batter, with lemon oil.  now, read the label carefully, it is so lemony and concentrated that i can stain your plastic measuring spoons.  what to do?  dunk the used measuring spoon on a glass of iced water and you have instant lemonade.  now, THAT is hector’s TAKE!

4 thoughts on “ Woody’s 04 Lemon Luxury Layer Cake (page 43) – my lemon luxury

  1. Jenn says:

    H, why not make Rose’s lemon curd? I’ve never tried the store bought version but hers is so good IMHO, I can’t think of anything better. When I make it I always use organic lemon btw.

    Great use of the lemon oil leftover in the spoon – it’d be sad to let all those goodness go to waste!

    • J, the lemon oil lemonade was awesome! Now I also do it with my vanilla.

      I agree that Rose’s lemon curd recipe is awesome. I love it. TipTree brand is recommended on her book, and I loved it, I truly think it is exceptional.

  2. Julie says:

    Hector, I couldn’t agree more, I just picked up some Tiptree lemon curd from Zabar’s a week and a half ago. I love Rose’s, of course, and make it whenever I can. But sometimes it’s a lifesaver to have a jar of ready-made in the pantry. And Tiptree is soooo much better than any other brand I’ve tried. So. Much. Better.

    Love the lemon oil, too! I also use it in lemonade, as well as lemon chicken and yogurt. All this talk of lemon, now I want to make the golden lemon almond cake again!

    • J. thx for sharing your so equal stories dear.

      i think i posted o will post on my blog what to do with your measuring spoon after using the lemon oil. dunk it in a glass of ice water for instant lemonade!

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