17 thoughts on “ Woody’s 07 Lemon Luxury Layer Cake (page 43) – additional photos

  1. Jenn says:

    Gorgeous! Amazing! Breathtaking!

    It is really a work of art Hector. I love the whole look. The cake is so tall too. And the rose piping is excellent. Bravo!

    • Dear J, thx!!! But I really don’t understand what is so wow about piping rose petals like this! Yes, it is my original, but really: everyone can do this -:)

      Use a large rose petal tip and place the cake on a turntable. Start from the inside. Very important to follow your own speed and motion, follow your own style and not a picture. This way, the petals will look uniform or integral and be your own.

      There u have it 🙂

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  2. carol says:

    What is the best way to freeze the buttercream…also, does it freeze as well whether with the flavorings or just the base buttercream?

    • i freeze mousseline all the time, flavored or not. i also freeze the white chocolate buttercream, have done so prior adding the lemon curd, but i believe it will work fine after adding it, too.

      first, i freeze it in a tupperware container for about 24 hours, something generally flexible, so then i can pop the frozen buttercream out like a block.

      wrap the “block” in plastic wrap, then vacuum with foodsaver. the plastic wrap helps keep your vacuum bag clean and reusable. also when thawing, the plastic wrap makes the “block” much easier to slide out from the vacuum bag.

      i thaw directly to room temperature, placing the “block” on a glass bowl, then covering the bowl with plastic wrap. be sure the buttercream is above 65oF prior rebeating.

      there are other tips, like cutting the block in pieces for quicker thawing, but honestly i rather plan ahead and just let time do its thing, rather than having to mess with a unnecessary knife and cutting board.

      in fact, to cover the RHC hector’s take project, i made a huge batch of mousseline and froze it.

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