Chocolate-Covered 07 Strawberry Cake (page 91) – alternative chocolate coverings

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ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cake (page 91) is covered with a delicious shiny and sticky dark chocolate frosting. i made the frosting one day ahead and enjoyed over toasts for breakfast! when i reheated the frosting to make it spreadable and apply it on the cake, i made the mistake to attempt to thin it out.

i gradually melted-in additional dark chocolate… eventually, due to humidity and condensation (some of my dark chocolate came straight from the refrigerator), the chocolate seized and the cacao butter separated! it turned into a clumpy unusable mess.

out of desperation, i sent this mess to my stand mixer to see what will happen. after 30 minutes of slow kneading with the dough hook, the solids came together as chocolate fondant dough! the liquid cacao butter separated more and accumulated on the center of the mixer bowl. i drained the cacao butter and plan to use it for other recipes.

the chocolate fondant became pebbles around the completed cake. i am VERY pleased! it is the smoothest, shiniest, and best tasting chocolate fondant i’ve ever experienced (and it does not contain shortening!).

2 thoughts on “Chocolate-Covered 07 Strawberry Cake (page 91) – alternative chocolate coverings

  1. Julie says:

    How interesting! Chocolate modeling paste is basically seized chocolate that has been kneaded until smooth, your creation must have some similarities- sort of a fondant-modeling paste hybrid.

    The hybrid “beads” remind me of a necklace of amber or turquoise, with polished irregular stones.

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