Apple 01 Caramel Charlotte (page 215) – octoberfest

i attended my local octoberfest and noticed a black forest cake inspired with rose’s roulade charlotte ring as on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Apple Caramel Charlotte (page 215)

if you look closely, seems to be a ‘quick version’, where alternating colored layers of cake batter are baked, then thinly sliced in strip sections.  clever!

here some more pictures of my octoberfest!  sorry for the camera blur!

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3 thoughts on “Apple 01 Caramel Charlotte (page 215) – octoberfest

  1. Amy Chang says:

    I loved the cake. It looks so beautiful. May I know how did you do the border? I don’t understand what you said about alternate color layer batter bake, what is that mean? Please elaborate more to me. Appreciated


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