Woody’s 12 Lemon Luxury Layer Cake (page 409) – the bottom half

we shared the bottom two-layers of ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Woody’s Lemon Luxury Layer Cake (page 409) at the dinner party hosted by our coach for the men of Kamehameha Canoe Club Long Distance Program. we celebrated the end of the 2010 season. i turned the cake into individually wrapped bites, and topped each piece with my super-lemon fondant.

i did not turn into a lemon at the party! overwhelmingly humbled and surprised, our coach presented this award to your excellence own, Hector:

one day, i hope to reflect my amazing year as a new paddler. many things has happened, most excellent, many good, and a few not too good. livestrong sent me this care package when hearing about my fish accident: (when i dramatically lost my oakley livestrong polarized sunglasses!)

something i wrote, culminating:

“24 hours from now, 9 names will be announced to represent Kamehameha Canoe Club for the 2010 Molokai Hoe race. This is considered the world championships.

If I am selected, I will excel. If I am not selected, I will make a wonderful ground crew member (setup tent, coffee station, food, and cake!).

This is the end of my… first year as a paddler. I built muscles and a good tan. But what I am most thankful for is that I BELIEVE IN MYSELF and one’s self can achieve one’s goal! Most races I placed 5th to last place. One race I won silver! Yesterday, at my last practice for the year, I won gold!

Thank You. Family, Coworkers, Friends, Coaches, Teammates, and Surgeons!

For sure, Molokai Hoe 2011!”

to make lemon-fondant, knead albert uster fondant with as much lemon zest as you would like (i like lots). lemon zest tones down the clogging sweetness of fondant, turning into a burst similar to lemon candy or lemon gummy bears. be sure to wash the lemons with dish soap and warm water prior zesting; this removes most of the bitter waxes that are applied to lemons post harvest to keep freshness till sold.

to make super-lemon-fondant, add a few drops of Boyajian lemon oil.

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  1. missyjean says:

    That is so inventive! I finally found Boyajian’s Lemon Oil at Sur La Tab. It was a 130 mile trip but worth it

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