Apple 03 Caramel Charlotte (page 215) – my take on star fruit

i am falling behind on my baking schedule, spending hours on my design table!  trying to find the perfect apple in hawaii… you will be surprised:  i will do a take with star fruit for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Apple Caramel Charlotte (page 215)!!!!

star fruit was introduced to my family by my late grandpa.  back in the 70s, grandpa planted a tree on the hills of his sister-in-law’s home in honolulu (my grand-aunt).  the tree is extremely prolific, yet the fruit is ultimately sour!  to this day, my grand-aunt swears that grandpa always thought of her as a sour woman as every year she brings me a basket full of ‘sour’ star fruit.  she also tosses a few on his graveyard!

here is grandpa, as he welcomes my older brother and sister and my mother to their first visit to Hawaii in 1976?  my grand-aunt is pictured together with my Mom on her right, and her sister (my grandma) on her left.  this is the original Hawaii 5-0 as authentic as it can be!

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the star fruit pictured on the top of this page comes from my backyard neighbor and it is sweet (thanks goodness).  star fruit is coming back to popularity in hawaii, with excellent fruit that are sweet, full of taste, and yet with that exquisite refreshing feeling unique to star fruit.  my kitchen is scented by star fruit today, and i thought the scent is similar to apples.

my dear friend, food writer Sonia Martinez agrees on my apple star fruit idea.  from wikipedia, “the fruit is entirely edible, including the slightly waxy skin. it is sweet without being overwhelming, and extremely juicy. the taste is difficult to compare, but it has been likened to a mix of papaya, orange and grapefruit all at once.  it could also be described as an overly tart and juicy apple.”  Sonia tells “me parece muy, pero muy requetebien….” (i think it is super, but super super-good idea).

i found the following recipe for poached star fruit.  i think it will be just perfect, specially because it uses a whole vanilla bean!  i plan to omit the ginger because it would be just too many flavors on this special dessert:

wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Apple 03 Caramel Charlotte (page 215) – my take on star fruit

  1. H, good luck! Though I’m not sure you need it.
    I am soooo curious now on this take – what a cool idea to use this fruit. I love star fruit – you are bringing back memories! And yes the whole fruit is edible including the skin.

  2. I love starfruit…we used to have a tree in the packyard of the old Inn that was quite prolific…the sweet kind – I liked making star shaped pcikles and also star shaped starfruit poached in honey preserves…. YUM!
    Can’t wait to taste your version of the apple caramel charlotte with starfruit!

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