Chocolate 01 Chocolate Feather Bed (page 273) – on melting chocolate and measuring eggs

for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Feather Bed (page 273), two important details:

1- i melt chocolate on a GLASS bowl in the microwave. the glass bowl is the perfect vessel to maintain residual heat, but be aware if you are over heating: glass will never cool down fast enough. use glass as your best friend, knowing it can be your worse enemy, too.

start with 15 second microwave intervals. at each 15 seconds, stop microwaving, let the chocolate cool till lukewarm, stir occasionally. then, re-start another 15 second interval. stop microwaving before all the chocolate is fully melted, the residual heat is just perfect to finish melting chocolate. in other words, if you microwave all the way till the chocolate is fully melted, it will overheat and chocolate will loose its temper!

2- when you measure egg yolks, is best to measure by weigh. do you know: egg yolks, from the same USDA AA large grade, can differ in size as much as 50%? the grading system measures size of the whole egg and not size of yolk. eggs look exactly the same on the outside. on the inside, eggs can have a very small yolk or a very large one!

and how do you measure egg yolks by weight? i like to first measure the mixer’s bowl, and i like to note it on the back of my scale. the total weight of egg yolks should be the weight of the bowl plus the weight of yolks called on the recipe:

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