Chocolate 06 Feather Bed (page 273) – chocolate curls

chocolate curls are welcome on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Feather Bed (page 273).  how can one resist a flourless and airy chocolate souffle cake, filled with light whipped ganache, then buried under chocolate curls?

chocolate curls are easy to make, specially when the recipe is writen on the book:

5 thoughts on “Chocolate 06 Feather Bed (page 273) – chocolate curls

  1. H, I’ve tried making curls with vegetable peeler before but the curls aren’t as chunky and big like yours. What temperature should the chocolate bar be? Room temp/cooler?

  2. Julie says:

    Jenn, there’s also a temp in the Cake Bible, in the back section on decorative techniques. If they’re small, light-colored and breaking into shards, it’s too cool. If they’re dark, soft and won’t curl, it’s too warm (but warm ones can often be coaxed to curl with a cold knife or spatula).

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