Apple 05 Caramel Charlotte (page 215) – no springform pan

i am -not- using a springform pan nor a removable bottom pan for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Apple Caramel Charlotte (page 215).  i am using a 10×2-inch solid bottom pan, heart shape!  line the inside bottom and sides of the pan with plastic wrap, be sure the overhang is folded out.

assemble the charlotte on the lined pan.  freeze for 20 minutes uncovered (or covered by a large inverted bowl not touching the charlotte).  place one or two sheets of plastic wrap on top of the charlotte, covering the entire top and with some extra 3 inches of plastic wrap overhang.  cover with a cardboard round wider than the charlotte.  fold the plastic wrap overhang covering the top of the charlotte over the cardboard round.  invert.  lift off the pan.  peel of the plastic wrap that was lining the pan.  place a cardboard disc cut to fit on top of the now bottom of the charlotte.  re-invert.  peel off the plastic wrap lining the first cake cardboard disc.  and voila.

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    • j, and better be Stretch-tite 🙂

      can hardly wait for my new half sheet countertop oven to arrive, so I can bake biscuit sheets 3 at a time! my current oven fits only one half sheet at a time! I got the quarter sheet model yesterday and made oven dried tomatoes a la bread bible!

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