Hungarian 04 Jancsi Torta (page 279) – on sour cherries

in the book, ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Hungarian Jancsi Torta (page 279), is topped with sour cherry preserves.  i think it is fantastic!

in the oven, the cakes rise more than double.  when cooling, the cakes deflate a bit and create a perfect center pocket to hug a dollop of preserves

2 thoughts on “Hungarian 04 Jancsi Torta (page 279) – on sour cherries

  1. Sharon says:

    Your pantry looks like the most inviting place to be….look at all the American Spoon fruit preserves!!!

    In a video posting where she did Strawberry buttercream with these preserves, Rose exclaimed that it smelled like a field of Strawberries when she opened the jar..yumm!

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