Saint-Honore 05 Triffle (page 227) – thanksgiving edition

2 layers of hector’s rambutan take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Saint-Honore Triffle (page 227), made it to thanksgiving in san francisco.

the cake was done in hawaii and frozen at -20 oF, well wrapped with several alternating layers of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. it traveled with me via carry on and tsa knows hector is carry on cake man!

usually, i like to pack some dry ice, but since the cake was served the same day of travel, it thawed gradually while in the carry on cooler bag. to prevent the ‘thawing’ cake from been smashed, the cake was inside an inverted 10×3-inch springform pan. this allowed placing 2 additional -little- cakes on top!

i made the spun sugar in hawaii, and kept it airtight inside a smaller heart shaped cake pan sealed inside a vacuum bag. spray the inside of the cake pan lightly with oil to prevent sticking. i made the whipped cream on location and placed the spun sugar a few hours prior serving.

i only made the cake, and my good friends in san francisco made the rest.

what a feat!

note: there is a small ceramic bowl, inverted, under the turkey back. i learned that lifting the turkey back keeps the turkey juices inside the turkey cavity while roasting. what great tip! it also gives the finished turkey a perkier appearance!

6 thoughts on “Saint-Honore 05 Triffle (page 227) – thanksgiving edition

  1. Jenn says:

    H, where did you get rambutan? There are rambutan in Hawaii? (then I must move!).

    Do you have a closer up picture of the cake? I’m dying to see it.. and to hear about the flavor as well!

    • J, rambutan now is produced in hawaii and it is beginning to be exported to the rest of the usa. its main production site is now Asia (philippines, i think).

      don’t have a closer picture yet, but will be posting MORE, lots more about the process making this take, in the upcoming weeks. i really put a lot of time into each ingredient for this take.

      in summary, the chiboust cream is heavenly as written on the book. but, i subbed lychee liqueur instead of grand marnier, since my fruit was rambutan (a close cousin of lychee) instead of strawberries. and the preserves spread on the cake, i used a custom lychee/coconut preservers made locally.

      chiboust cream is best with a citrus or sweet fruit, such as orange (grand marnier) or strawberries. when adding a liqueur on the pungent side such as lychee, it becomes something else, honestly i don’t like it much (not sweet enough, not acidic enough, a bit on the eggy taste). HOWEVER, on the final composition in this trifle, it really turned into heaven. it is a GOOD example that the combination of things or end result is superior than the ingredients alone!

      stay tuned.

  2. Julie says:

    Gorgeous! Love hearing about your rambutan variation and seeing your presentation as a stand-alone cake.

    Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

    • thx J. hope your tgiving was nice, too. I am considering spending each thanksgiving with my high school classmates expatriated to the usa. my sister and brother in Hawaii will understand, my classmates are like our own family. my sister will be happy and have requested that I leave with her a turkey and a cake and ideally one of my scratch lasagnas, so to keep my presence while away!

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