Saint-Honore 09 Triffle (page 227) – rambutan take

it is rambutan season, so for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Saint-Honore Triffle (page 227), i will use rambutan instead of strawberries.  rambutan is a cousin of the lichee, so adore.

the best way i find to skin and seed rambutan is as follow.  with a sharp chef knife, slice the whole fruit lengthwise in half.  the knife goes thru the skin and thru the seed fairly easily, like cutting carrots.  slice slightly off center, making one half larger.

to the smaller half, remove the seed.  because this half is smaller, the seed is very easy to remove, leaving the flesh intact.

to the larger half, the seed is harder to remove, leaving the flesh broken.  it is near impossible to obtain two perfectly intact halves!  use the broken pieces for the filling, use the nice whole halves for decoration.

9 thoughts on “Saint-Honore 09 Triffle (page 227) – rambutan take

      • Ceci says:

        Si, es ese mismo!!
        Y hace poco vi en tv que las pepas del mamoncillo las puedes tostar y quedan parecidas al maní!! Al parecer deliciosas.
        Hay que ensayar!.
        Tu como siempre con estas ideas tan novedosas, me muero por ensayar esta receta.

      • C, suerte aunque dude la necesites. recomiendo hacer las partes en varios dias, es tan trabajoso. el genoise se puede congelar por meses! sin syrup. el chiboust se puede regrigerar por 3 dias, lo sacas a room temp por unos 20 min y lo incorporas nuevamente con un whisk o spatula, solo ligeramente hasta romper las ligas de gelatina. a mi parecer, el chiboust Lo purses congelar tambien!

        el trifle me recuerda mucho a las totes en Lima de fresas frescas o duraznos en alminbar, keke humedo, crema chantilly.

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    • J, i didn’t know rambut means hair! makes sense.

      btw, lets be forgiving here, rambutan is mostly found at grocery stores with the hairs already brown in color, but the fruit is still good, if not better in my opinion, sweeter than fresh off the tree!

      the ones i used were only a day old from the tree harvest.

      • Jenn says:

        H, I was indeed surprised to see the bright red color of the hair. The ones I’ve had always have darker hair – I think they were more than a day old. How lucky you are to have such fresh fruits! When I go visit Hawaii one day, I would like some references from you on where to get such fresh yumminess! (would have to plan a visit around rambutan season)

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